How to plan and budget for a wedding in 2021


In 2020, anyone planning on getting married faced far more challenges than any bride or groom would imagine. Some went on to plan small gatherings at home or locally, but others postponed until this or next year. So, what will weddings look like over the next couple of years, and - if you are newly engaged – how should you plan and budget for one?

Despite there being light at the end of the tunnel, weddings will likely remain small, more intimate, and with an emphasis on things you can control.

Think local

This year, weddings will focus on local, from the venue to the florist and the caterer, to the band. There is more commitment now to supporting local businesses and spending your wedding dollars within the local economy. So seek out a local vineyard for your venue, check on the best caterer in town, ask around for the best band. You may even find a local flower farm that picks and ties its bouquets. 

The dress (and the shoes)

When choosing your dress, it is probably a good idea to source it locally and find something that would work in almost any season because – we do not know what the future holds these days. In the name of budgeting and sustainability, you might want to choose something that you can alter to wear again or pass on to a family member or have converted into a christening gown for your first-born. Whatever you choose, versatility and sustainability should be top of your mind. While dressing up sounds fun, are you ready to put on a pair of heels after a year in slippers, sneakers, or flats? Why not stay comfy and opt for flats, flip-flops, or sandals under the silk, lace, tulle, or taffeta.

Destination wedding

If you are adamant about getting married on the beach, whether it is the Caribbean or lakeside in Michigan, an easygoing ceremony with a few guests that social distance easily might be the way you choose to go. If you opt for a fancy dinner at the hotel, or s'mores and a fire pit on the beach, everyone in attendance will welcome the change of pace, that’s for sure. 

Destination at-home wedding

If you have decided to stay put rather than head elsewhere for your wedding, you can always incorporate your favorite destination in more ways than one. How the event looks, the feel, color palette, theme, music, the venue can all play a part in setting a scene you might find in the Caribbean, Europe, or Napa Valley. The table settings, the flowers, and the food to the wine, cocktails, or beer can all play a part in your big day and take you and your beau back to somewhere special to share with your guests. 

However you choose to spend your day, where, and with whom, your budget may look a little different than first expected. You may have cut down on flights, a hotel, and even the honeymoon. But there may be unplanned expenses too. You may need to cover the cost of travel for family members that are now heading your way, you may increase your guest list because it's at home, and you may already be out of pocket for canceled arrangements from last year. If you need to create and manage your budget, our mobile banking app and money manager feature allows you to setup a budget by creating savings goals, so you’re more likely to stick to it. 

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