Mobile Banking App

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The app is available for iPhone and iPad in the App Store. The Android phone app and tablet app are available in the Google Play store.


  • Account Inquiry
  • Transfer funds between accounts and to external accounts
  • Debit Card Management
    • turn off your card when not in use or if card is lost or stolen
    • activate new card
    • change PIN
    • request temporary spending limit increase
    • notify us when traveling 
  • View Check Images, Transaction History, and Statements
  • Mobile Deposit Capture
  • Bill Pay
  • Person to person payments
    • transfer money instantly to friends and family
  • My Money Manager financial management tool
    • setup a budget
    • create savings goals

Mobile Deposit Picture Taking Guidelines

  • Checks must be endorsed "For Mobile Deposit Only at Warren-Boynton State Bank" under your signature.
  • Hold the camera parallel to the item and match the check inside the guidelines on the phone.
  • It is recommended that a flash is not used as this may wash the quality of the image.
  • Background must be dark, consistent color without any patterns or obvious texture (marble tabletops or wood grain tabletops have been known to cause problems).
  • If your table surface is not a solid contrasting color, place a sheet of paper or something that has a solid color behind the check that will contrast with the stock check color.
  • If taken against a light background, the optics may have trouble reading the edges of the item and therefore may not crop properly.
  • Make sure that lighting is optimal without any shadowing.
  • The check should lay as flat as possible with no folds in order to avoid warping the image.
  • You may place a small dot in each corner of the check (about the size of an eraser) which will help the image reader align with the check.

Mobile Banking Terms and Conditions

Mobile Remote Deposit Capture User Agreement

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