Cash Management

Warren-Boynton State Bank's Commercial Cash Management service, available through Online Banking, allows you to conveniently manage your business' financial needs. In addition to our Internet Banking and Internet Bill Payment services, our Commercial Cash Management Service allows you to do the following:

  • Account Inquiry
  • Generate ACH Payments
  • Initiate account transfers
  • Generate Stop Payments
  • Add sub-users

Wire transfer orders must be placed by phone or visit a branch office.

Business Banking Security Tips

Securing confidential information has never been more important.  Please adhere to the following security tips:

  • Require the use of “strong passwords”
    • Store securely
    • Change regularly
  • Require dual control for processing sensitive transactions
  • Securely store confidential paperwork and electronic media
    • Secure desk drawers
    • Observe the “clean desk” policy
  • Limit employee access of sensitive functions to a need only basis
  • Perform due diligence on all third party service providers
  • Perform periodic risk assessments of electronic and physical security risks and controls over sensitive processes and procedures
  • Establish policies and procedures securing confidential information when employees are transferred, or leave the business

Read our blog post for more information.

Contact William Pfeffer ( at 217-488-6091 if you have any security questions or detect any unusual activity.