Commercial Leasing

Over the past few years, leasing equipment has become a more accepted and cost-efficient method of utilizing assets than out right ownership.

Here are just a few of the many reasons why leasing has become so popular:

  • 100% deductibility of the rental payments.
  • Off balance sheet financing frees up working capital for other uses as opposed to tying up cash in fixed assets.
  • Intermediate-term, fixed interest rate re-payment programs are custom designed to meet your cash flow requirements.
  • Please consult with your tax advisor to make sure leasing is the best financing solution.

We've been in the leasing business since 1988. Let us utilize our experience and expertise to customize a leasing program that fits your cash flow requirements.

Lease Application Requirements

  1. Applicant executed lease application
    Please be sure the following information is included:
    • Current years financial statement
    • Financial institution references
    • Insurance agent
  2. For deals over $50,000:
    • Last three (3) year’s federal income tax returns OR
    • Past three (3) fiscal years accrual basis profit and loss statement
  3. If applicant is a corporation:
    • Borrowing resolution
    • Articles of Incorporation
  4. If applicant is partnership:
    • Partnership agreement
  5. Minimum $150.00 Lease Origination Fee Applies to all transactions.