Text Banking

Text Banking is available to obtain account balance and recent activity.

Enroll through Online Banking

  • Go to Manage Profile (top of the left-hand menu)
  • Select Phone under My Profile > Contact Settings
  • Your mobile device should be listed or select Add New Device
  • Enable SMS Text Banking
  • Select accounts: set a default account and add nicknames for each account
  • Message and data rates may apply.

Use the following text message commands

  • Text MOBANK (662265)
  • BAL (returns balance for default account)
  • BAL ALL (returns balance for all accounts)
  • BAL [nickname] (returns balance for nickname account) For example, texting BAL CK123 will request the balance for the account with nickname CK123.
  • ACT (returns activity for default account)
  • ACT [nickname] (returns activity for nickname account—up to 160 characters)
  • CMD (returns short description of all commands)
  • HELP (provides the bank’s phone number for support)
  • STOP (stops the mobile banking service)