How to entertain your kids this summer


Summer vacation is right around the corner. That means finding ways to entertain the kids for free or as close to free as possible. Our team put together their top 5 ideas for entertaining the kids cost-free.

1) Create a vegetable or flower patch. Did you know that you can get free seeds from most libraries?! Even if you have just a patch where you can grow vegetables or flowers, planting seeds, tending to seedlings, watching your plants grow, and then harvesting them is such a rewarding process for you and your little ones.

2) Who doesn’t love some arts and crafts?! There are so many crafts you can make from items around the house. Collect items over a few weeks or so such as cereal boxes, toilet rolls, and bottle tops which can be used to make robots, tidy organizers, or a vase.

3) Indoor camping is something the whole family can do, and you don’t have to worry about the heat or bugs. Whether you grill out first or opt for a movie night and popcorn, spending the night on the floor and swapping ‘campfire’ stories is a great way to keep everyone entertained.

4) Bubbles are always a great way to entertain the little ones. If you have older ones, don’t fret. Challenge them to create the best bubble mixture and make bubbles. A quick internet search will provide a range of recipes.

5) Giving back to others is extremely rewarding, teaches kindness, and is something the kids can practice over the summer. Also, it’s free. Here are a few ideas:

-           Start a food drive for a local pantry on Facebook

-           Clean up a neighborhood by picking up trash once a week

-           Team up with a garden center and create a community garden

-           Collect second-hand clothes for a shelter

-           Collect household items and used toys etc. for donation to charity


Do you have any budding entrepreneurs in the family? Perhaps you could help your little ones launch a new venture over the summer holidays. They may choose to grow and sell plants, make and sell crafts, or market and hold a garage sale.

If your children want to launch a small venture during summer vacation, get in touch with one of our team. We will help them establish a savings account with access to online banking, a banking app, and budgeting through My Money Manager.

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