Commercial Lending


If you are not familiar with the concept of commercial lending, essentially it enables business owners to obtain a finance stream to help fund short-term expenditures or pay for capital equipment. In most instances, commercial lending involves the delivery of loans that are backed by hard collateral.

Commercial lenders include commercial banks, mutual companies, private lending institutions, hard moneylenders and other financial groups. The commercial loan industry is most often accessed through brokers that provide an evaluation of a borrower and then recommends the loan to several commercial lenders who they feel will be most likely to fund the borrower’s request. It’s worth noting that going through a broker, rather than directly through a lender, may cause longer wait times for loan financing and may include more up-front fees. However, brokers can also facilitate the process and assist them with innovative and unique ways to overcome obstacles that the borrower may not be able to access on their own.

Warren-Boynton State Bank provides capital directly and indirectly for commercial real estate finance as well as businesses of all sizes.

As a private lender and advisory firm, Warren-Boynton State Bank has the ability to understand its clients’ needs and properly identify the right financing solution without the obstacles that other banks may present today. Warren-Boynton State Bank offers commercial lending to its clients for commercial real estate; equipment term loans; operating lines of credit; agriculture loans; and long-term, fixed interest rate farm real estate loans offered via Farmer Mac.

If you have further questions about commercial loans, contact a Warren-Boynton State Bank loan officer.