Father's Day gifts on a budget


If you’re looking for a project to do with your children, why not set the challenge of a homemade Father’s Day gift? Not only will it keep the kids occupied, but dad will receive a surprise. Provide a budget for supplies and assist where needed, but otherwise, let your youngsters’ creative juices flow.

We put together five ideas to help get the children started.


Does dad love tacos? Or maybe he prefers to grill out? Either way, you can easily prepare the perfect spice blend to season his favorite dish. And while you’re at it, why not make some for grandpa too? 

Seasonal surprises

If you haven’t already been strawberry picking, now you have the perfect excuse.  If dad isn’t a fan of jam, there are alternatives from strawberry ice cream to muffins and scones. Or maybe shake things up with a strawberry smoothie and pancakes or cinnamon roll? Or, if dad doesn’t mind trying something new, there’s strawberry hummus, strawberry flatbread, and homemade strawberry pop tarts.

Movie night box

Make your popcorn and add a sweet/and or salty twist. There are plenty of recipes available online. Bag the popcorn and add other snack favorites too. Maybe dad likes hot cocoa on movie night? If that’s the case, you could even prepare your cocoa mix.

Simple syrup

Is dad a coffee drinker? Does he like to add syrup to his coffee? Or, maybe he enjoys the occasional cocktail? Then make him a range of simple syrups to try. You could create anything you want, from vanilla, mint, and caramel to the more adventurous rose, lavender, and chile.


You have plenty of time to make the perfect pickles for Father’s Day. You need cucumbers, water, vinegar, salt, sugar (or maple syrup), dill, black pepper, red pepper flakes, garlic, and a bay leaf – oh, and a jar! 

Top tip

Set your kids up for success by encouraging them to help create a budget, list of supplies/ingredients, and a timeline (some gifts will take longer to make than others). If you don’t already use My Money Manager, now is the perfect time to introduce this budgeting platform to the entire family. For more information, see the My Money Manager page, or visit your nearest branch.