Back to college


For students returning to college, it will look somewhat different this fall. With the constantly changing landscape of unknowns and finding yourself pivoting from online learning to in-person learning, there are ways you can help set yourself up for success. Our team put together a few tips for returning to school, no matter how that may look.

Safe space

Whether living on campus or sharing a place with friends off-site, make sure you have a spot set up for study. Whether your classes are online or in-person, you will need a quiet area to focus. You will need good lighting, limited distractions, school supplies, and healthy snacks.


The best way to stay on track this coming year is to create a routine and manage your time well. Start thinking about how much time you plan to devote to study, classes, and your social life. Get plenty of sleep, eat healthily, and make time for daily activities such as grocery shopping, laundry, and working out. Make sure you check in with friends and family too, they will want to hear how you are doing, and you can lean on them when you have a tough day.

Eat healthily

Stock up on healthy recipes. Whether you have a dedicated Pinterest board or recipe books, it is pretty easy to find quick, simple, and healthy options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Stock up on healthy snacks. Energy bars, dried fruit, nuts, and bottled water can all be stored in your dorm room and will last the whole semester.


Distance learning and the lock-downs have made it difficult to socialize this past year. Take it a step at a time and spend your social time with just one or two friends, to begin with, and as you feel more confident, expand your friend pool.


Before you head off to college, have a budget for the year and know where the money will come from to support your studies and daily needs. Sit down with your parents and plan. Who is covering the cost of college? Will you need to help with a loan? Are they going to provide you with a weekly or monthly allowance to pay for food, toiletries, gas (if you are taking your car), etc.? Will you get a weekend or evening job while at college? Or, if you are close to home, will you be coming back to work on the weekends? Life at college will be easier if you can answer these questions – as a family – before you head off this fall.

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