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Fall savings


The seasons are changing, and fall begins on September 22. It’s the perfect time to get chores completed around the house, prepare for colder days, and get organized for the holidays. But all of this can add up and take a toll on your wallet. So, we’ve come up with a list of ways to save money this fall.

Let fresh air in

Open your windows and let the breeze flow through your home to save on your electricity bill.

Get your HVAC serviced

Although there is an obvious cost upfront, in the long run, and as winter sets in, your system with run more efficiently, and you will save money. Alternatively, invest in quality filters to help with the efficiency of your HVAC.

Fall decorations

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on fall decorations for your home. There are always good deals on the Facebook marketplace. You could hit the thrift stores or visit several garage sales popping up now that the weather is turning.


Spring isn’t the only time to have a good clear-out. A tidy home ahead of the holidays is always a win. And if you sell your items online or at a garage sale, you’ll have money to add to your savings account.

Donations and receipts

If you have anything leftover from your garage sale or online sales and want to donate these to a nonprofit, make sure you retain your receipts because you can claim the donation as a deduction when you file your taxes.

Budget review

Revisit your budget for the year. Are there ways you can save, are you overspending, are there any memberships or subscriptions that need canceling, do you need to reallocate funds ahead of the holidays? There’s never a wrong time to reassess your spending. If you want assistance with budgeting, you should look at our My Money Manager online tool, where you can set a budget, create goals, and track your spending.

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