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Finding new ways to shop this holiday


It’s so easy to shop at a big box store. Yet, take five minutes out of your day to hop on Google, Facebook, or even Instagram, and you will find the gift – or similar – for which you are looking.

Have you thought about experience gifts rather than physical ones? Or maybe a sustainable option? Here is our guide to finding new ways to shop this holiday.

Shop online and stay local

So many local independent stores with or without brick-and-mortar options sell their products online. With a Google search, you can find the equivalent to what you’re looking for, or better, and it might even be handmade.

Shop sustainable

Not only are sustainable gifts more popular now than they were a year ago, but they are, obviously, better for the environment. There are many options around Central Illinois from which to purchase sustainable items.  You might find a shampoo bar, natural deodorant, a piece of hemp clothing, or reusable beeswax food wraps, for example, that a loved one will appreciate. 

Thrifty shopping

It is remarkable what you can find at a thrift store: new, or like new, children’s clothes or toys, kitchenware, and jewelry. Even independent bookstores these days have a secondhand section.

Experience gifts

Experience gifts come in all shapes and sizes, whether it’s a day at the water park in summer, a trip to the zoo together, afternoon tea in the city, or something as simple as a pottery class. If you choose an activity that creates a new memory, it’s worth all the time you spent researching the ideal gift for your loved one. 

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