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Five new year's financial resolutions you can stick to


Save more

Here are ways to save on day-to-day expenses:

-           Shop around for deals, whether that’s groceries, clothes, insurance, etc., it all helps.

-           Have a garage sale, sell items on Facebook Marketplace, or an online thrift store.

-           Use coupons, but don’t buy unnecessary items.

-           Buy bulk when it comes to cleaning and pantry items.

-           Participate in free activities.

-           Shop for seasonal produce.

-           Turn down the thermostat.

Improve your credit score

If you are concerned about your credit score, here is how we recommend improving it:

-           Start by checking your credit score online. Warren Boynton Secure Checking account holders can request a new credit report every 90 days or upon receipt of a credit alert.

-           Pay your bills on time.

-           If you have extra cash at the end of the month, use it to pay off some of your debt.

-           Keep unused credit cards open if there's no annual fees.

-           Always question inaccuracies on your credit report.

Create a budget

My Money Manager is a financial management tool with the following features:

-           Set up a budget

-           Create goals

-           Track your spending

Pay bills on time

With online bill pay, you can pay all your bills safely, securely, and conveniently in one place. You can:

-           Schedule one-time or recurring payments

-           Track payments

-           View scheduled payments and payment history

-           Setup custom email or text alerts to let you know when payments are due

-           Add e-Bills to see due dates and amounts of upcoming bills

Spend within your means

Assess your finances.

Create a list of wants and needs for the year.

Keep control of your budget through healthy spending habits:

-           Eat out less/less takeout

-           Cancel unnecessary subscriptions and memberships

-           Buy secondhand

-           Hold off on big purchases for the year

-           Vacation nearby and on a reduced budget

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