Advantages of online banking


With the recent surge in Covid-19 cases across the country, many run their businesses from home, with a skeleton staff on-site, or via video conferencing services. A vital tool for running a business in these instances is online banking. Here are several advantages to banking online, whether you’re at home or in the office/store. 

Instant access 

With online banking, you have instant access to your account from home, the office, your store, or on the go. 

Online Bill Pay

With online bill pay, you can pay all your bills safely, securely, and conveniently in one place:

  • schedule one-time or recurring payments
  • track payments
  • view scheduled payments and payment history
  • set up custom email or text alerts to let you know when payments are due
  • add e-Bills to see due dates and upcoming bills. 

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Mobile deposits 

You can deposit personal and business checks safely, securely, and without having to visit a branch and ATM. 

Transfer money between accounts 

You can move your money between accounts or send funds to an external account. You can set up automatic transfers. 

Integrate your banking 

With My Money Manager, you can set up a budget, create goals, and track your spending. 

Manage your debit card 

  • you can turn off your debit card when it is not in use or is stolen or lost
  • activate a new card
  • change your PIN
  • request a temporary spending limit increase 
  • notify your bank when traveling.  

Person-to-person payments 

You can transfer money instantly to friends and family.  

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