Prepare your small business for the holidays


If you own a small business, then you are probably already preparing for the holidays. Whether you’re on top of the holiday season or not, here are a few tasks we’ve put together to help you on your way.

Now’s the time to update your website

How’s your SEO? Does your homepage need updated, does your site tell the story of your business, and is it easy to navigate?

Prepare for an increase in online traffic

If you sell online, this could mean a busy time for your store, especially during peak shopping days such as Cyber Monday, which falls on November 28 this year.

Check on the speed and security of your site and third-party integrations. Ensure the process of checking out is seamless, offer a range of payment options, and switch on your multi-receipt functionality.

Get ready to offer topnotch customer service

To ensure success, train your retail team, stock up on your most popular items, and be prepared to go above and beyond. Offer online ordering, curbside pickup, and shipping options. When customers leave satisfied it’s more likely they will return and bring new customers with them.

Start getting social

Sip and shops and an increased presence online through social media will help build your brand and increase sales when someone is looking for that unique gift. You might consider a story sale on Instagram or a scavenger hunt around your store that ends with a prize.

Up-sell and enable cart abandonment options

For those of you selling in-person take every opportunity to up-sell. If you offer jeans, make sure there are belts, if you sell vases make sure there are flowers, etc. When shoppers leave a cart full of items online, send push notifications to remind them of the products they left behind to convince them to return and make the purchase.

Create a personalized experience

It’s easy to gather data on your customers whether you use purchasing history online or take a more traditional approach. Fill your customer’s bag with samples and freebies you know they will love, and give them extras for their friends too, so they can tell everyone about your store.


Create memorable packaging, whether your customer is purchasing in-person or online.

Finally, plan!

Whatever you do, make sure you have a plan. Offer incentives, and market your products and services through customer endorsement on social media and in Google reviews. Run contests and promotions. If you don’t have a reward or loyalty program figured out, make sure you do by the holidays. Just make sure your efforts are synchronized. There’s not much point in promoting a new item in a blog if it’s not available in-store or online. And blogs aren’t the only option, there’s paid advertising and e-newsletters to think of, on top of social media. When all is said and done, thank your customers, and welcome feedback so that you can make improvements for the following year.

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