A budget-friendly Valentine’s Day


Whether you have student loans, a mortgage, or are building a nest egg, the added expense of another holiday is too much for some.

Here are our top 10 budget-friendly ways to celebrate with your valentine this year!

1. Dessert for two

Take your date for dessert only at a local café or bakery. Not only will you save money, but you’ll support a local business.

2. Movie night

Choose a movie and make popcorn at home.

3. Dinner for two (at home)

Plan the meal, cook together, and enjoy each other’s company over a homemade meal.

4. Wine tasting

If not wine, beer, or even olive oil. Local food stores or markets often offer a range of options for tastings.

5. Be a tourist

Explore your hometown. Whether you hit the sites, a museum, a gallery, or visit your downtown/square for a treat, there’s always something new to explore and learn.

6. Get back to nature

Walk the trails, your local park, or the lake shore for fresh air, followed by coffee or hot cocoa.

7. Volunteer together

Whether you offer support at the food bank, breadline, meals on wheels, or spend the day cleaning cages at the animal shelter, time spent together is better than apart.

8. Self-care Sunday

Spend the day relaxing together, reading a book, and perhaps a glass of wine.

9. Make moments together

Watch the sunrise or sunset, visit the place your met, check in on family or friends, and surprise them with a handmade gift, cookies, cake, or coffee.

10. Celebrate late

Like any holiday, targeted merchandise, cards, clothes, chocolates, etc., drop significantly in price after February 14. So, save your celebration until the weekend or the week after.

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