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Being Smart with your Money


Making informed and effective decisions about money takes knowledge and skill. The ability to understand how money works in the world; how someone earns or makes it, how that person manages it, how he or she invests it – essentially turning it into more money – and how a person donates it to help others is what we in the business call financial literacy.

This week is Money Smart Week, an initiative launched in 2002 to help consumers better manage their personal finances – otherwise known as financial literacy. Information and resources are available to all demographics and income levels on the website (below). There are even games, free of charge, to help teach your children money skills such as building up savings and surviving financial emergencies.

Alternatively, you can drop into one of Warren-Boynton State Bank’s two branches, in Springfield or New Berlin, Illinois. Our team can help you prepare for your financial future, whether that’s opening a savings account for your child so that he or she can start saving early, using your tax refund to open a savings account, CD or IRA, or using the Warren-Boynton State Bank app and online banking services to conveniently access your accounts – making it easier to manage your money.

The reasons for needing to better manage your finances may range from wanting to buy your first home and apply for mortgage pre-approval, saving for your newborn baby’s college expenses and tuition fees, or simply managing summer vacation expenses stress free. Whatever your concern may be, as a family-owned, independent, community bank we’re here to help.

Our blog, which is updated regularly, also provides a source for information about various aspects when it comes to financial literacy such as text and mobile banking, for example. We also provide support to businesses – visit https://www.wbsb.net/Business-Banking/ for more information.  

You can find out more about Money Smart Week at moneysmartweek.org or search for the hash tag #MSW2017.