Six scams to be aware of this summer


Despite it being summer vacation, scammers do not take a break from crime. So, here are our top six scams to watch out for this summer and keep your money and personal info safe.

1. Payday loan scams

Scammers offer fake payday loans that they claim will help people get a handle on their bills. Applicants need to prepay a fee online. The money goes to the scammer, and the victim will not get a payout. Be wary of such loans and delete or ignore any pop-ups or ads when you’re online. 

2. One-time password bot scams

Bots (automated programs) deceive people into sharing two-factor authentication codes sent by text or email from well-known companies.

The bot will send you a text or email that appears to come from your bank and ask you to authorize a charge. It then asks you to authorize payment and enter the authentication code sent by the bank. But it’s the bot attempting to log into your account and wants the code the bank sent you as a precaution to take your money. Never share authentication codes, or provide other information in response to unsolicited calls, texts, or emails.

3. Check washing scams

You might not believe it, but scammers will go to the trouble of stealing mail and washing checks with household chemicals to erase the original name and dollar amount, leaving blank spaces so they can fill it in and pocket your hard earned cash. Avoid leaving your mail in your mailbox overnight and have your mail picked up by a friend or neighbor if you’re going out of town. 

4. Puppy purchase scams

Scammers will prey on individuals that post on social media or chats requesting info about puppies available for purchase. The victim sends payment in advance to buy the dog. Meanwhile, there is no dog.

Never agree to pay for a pet until you’ve met it and the seller. 

5. Text scams

Scammers send fake text messages to trick you into providing personal information, account number, or social security number. They will do this by trying to get you to click on a link by promising you gifts, prizes, gift cards, or coupons. Never click on unsolicited links, even in text messages.  

6. Out-of-stock item scams

Scammers create fake ads on the internet with offers that are often too good to be true. They will take your order and money but tell you the item is currently out of stock, but your refund is on the way. You refund is not on the way. Always make purchases from reputable companies online. 

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