Back to school savings


It’s that time of year again. Our team has put together a guide for saving when shopping for school supplies.


Create a back-to-school budget and stick to it. Better still, use this opportunity to teach your children about budgeting. Set a good example and start when they are young.

Use an app to help

My Money Manager is a financial management tool available through WBSB online and mobile banking app that allows users to set savings goals and budgets.

Stick to the list

Don’t purchase unnecessary items. Stick to the list provided by your school.

Search for savings

It may not be entirely practical to shop at several locations. However, you may find coupons and similar items that are less costly if you shop around.

Backpack hack

Find a backpack set, which includes a lunchbox and drink bottle. You don’t have to purchase these additional items separately.

Go with store-brand

The chain stores offer the latest ‘hot’ items for back-to-school shopping, which are often costly, but also offer store brands that are cheaper and useful!

Bulk buy

If you have friends or family with similar-aged kids needing the same items, get together and bulk buy to save money on items such as kitchen towels, disinfectant wipes, and storage bags.

Reuse items

Can you reuse last year’s headphones, pencil case, or backpack? Do you have items that your kids can swap and use? Do you have friends or family with children that have items you can use or purchase cheaper than at the store?

If you have questions about online banking or the My Money Manager financial management tool by Warren-Boynton State Bank, please stop at a branch in New Berlin, Springfield, Modesto, or Palmyra.