Small Business Trends to Get You Back on Track


Is your small business struggling? Here are 10 top business trends that could help you get back on track.

1. Remote work

Employees want to work from home when possible. The popularity of remote working has increased since COVID-19, and, where possible, should be part of your business plan.

2. Digital

Is your business digitized? If not, you need to look at ways to improve efficiency and productivity, which include implementing new technologies.

3. Sustainability

Chances are your staff and customers care about sustainable practices in your workplace. Are you incorporating eco-friendly practices in your business?

4. Customer experience

Smart and savvy business owners use customer data to tailor products, services, and marketing to meet their needs.

5. Mobile Wallets

Customers want an easy life, and mobile wallets add ease when purchasing products or services. Make sure you can cater to this ease.

6. Leveraging loyalty

Are you leveraging the support of your loyal customers who may have influence on social media, and are your brand ambassadors?

7. Social media

If you aren’t using social media marketing to your full advantage,  you need to – and fast.

8. E-commerce

How’s your e-commerce game? An online presence is vital to success in business, and an e-commerce platform that makes purchasing products or services simple with positive outcomes is how you win.

9. Workflow

Are there ways to improve your workflow? Do you need to update systems and protocols? Better workflow means more time you can dedicate to working on your business.

10. Employees

Get the people in the right job. That’s half the battle. The other half is keeping them there – or better, allowing them the opportunity to learn and grow. Invest in your staff.


Cash flow

Use everything in your arsenal to ensure a steady cash flow. What’s the saying? Cash is king.

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