Holiday decorations on a budget


Well, it’s officially fall. Halloween is right around the corner, Thanksgiving is not far off, and Christmas will be here before we know it. We’ve put together our top six holiday decorations on a budget. 

Pine cone candle centerpiece

Fill a bowl with pine cones and add a candle (color of your choice). We suggest orange for fall and Thanksgiving. Red, green, or gold for Christmas, and you have a simple, beautiful, affordable centerpiece. 

Custom-made leaf napkins

Find a selection of leaves, cover one side with metallic paint, perhaps bronze for fall and gold or silver for Christmas, and press the leaves onto inexpensive cloth napkins. You will have a unique and tasteful option when creating your table space during the holidays this year. 

Monster door

Here’s one the kids will love at Halloween. Grab a couple of white paper plates, a sheet of white card, and black construction paper. You will make eyes with the paper plates by adding black pupils to their center and cutting out giant teeth (enough to create a smile) with the white card. Now sticky tape these to your front door and watch out for smiles as youngsters walk by your door.

Fans of Harry Potter, be aware!

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you’ll not forget Aragog, Hagrid’s giant ‘pet’ spider and his brood of tiny spiders. Whether you’re a fan or not, a trail of small plastic (inexpensive) spiders up and down walls, doors, and ceilings will give visitors a fun-filled fright.

Rudolph garland

If you’ve not made pompoms before, now is the time. All you need is the reindeer-color wool of your choice, red dot stickers, and cardboard antlers (which you can draw, cut, and attach to your pompoms). Thread the reindeer pompoms, and you have the perfect garland for Christmas. 

Photo album Christmas tree

Why not use your Christmas tree to tell your family story? Delve into your family photo albums, make black and white photocopies of your favorites, and after attaching ribbon or string, hang them on your Christmas tree for a trip down memory lane and a beautiful way to decorate your tree this holiday.

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