Eight ways for small businesses to avoid the January slump


1. Businesses tend to slow down or pause their marketing during the busy season, but this is the time to invest some of that extra cash you are making into the marketing budget. Maintain the momentum.

2. Track your customers in-store and online. Capture their data, study their purchasing habits, and use this information to inform your business decisions.

3. Send newsletters to your customers regularly. Tell them about your deals, discounts, sales, and events. The more they know about your business and how it benefits them, the better. Have a ‘sign-up to our newsletter’ button on your website.

4. Plan your marketing strategy for the year. Use themes, events, anniversaries, and holidays to create and gain awareness of your brand. If you plan out your marketing and budget, you’ll get a great start at the beginning of the year and set yourself up for success.

5. Use social media to communicate with your target audience. Learn about their needs and wants. Find ways to convert reach and views to business and sales. Create competitions and events to draw your market in. Offer prizes and add-ons to encourage customers to visit your website store or office.

6. Review subscriptions and recurring costs. Is it time to cut back?

7. Get out and network. Visit your vendors, customers, and clients. Meet potential clients for coffee or lunch. Take advantage of the slower season and use the time to build your network.

8. Organize your office, store, shop, and assets. Do you have everything planned for the coming year? Do you have stock that needs to go on sale? Are there any forthcoming big purchases you need to account for? Use the time to get your house in order. 

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