Affordable Halloween decorations to make with the grandkids


If your grandkids are a little too young to carve a pumpkin you can have just as much fun painting one. This is a safer and affordable option to entertain youngsters and celebrate the holiday.

If you want to extend the decorating of your home beyond the traditional pumpkins, a handmade scarecrow can serve as decoration for Halloween and Thanksgiving. This is something any age can get involved with and enjoy. If your grandkids are a little older it’s easy to find templates of bats, witches, pumpkins, and cats on the Internet. Trace and cut the Halloween characters from construction paper and hang in the windows or stick to baseboards.

If you want to play Halloween games with your grandkids, bobbing apples is inexpensive and simple to do. Fill a tub with water and float some apples in it. The smaller apples are easier to catch and also cheaper. Participants will inevitably end up rather wet so it’s best to be prepared. A spare pair of clothes on a cooler day is a must. To prevent the spread of germs it is recommended  to place one apple in the tub at a time.

Decorating treats for Halloween can be as simple as placing two ‘monster’ eyes onto cookies, your own or store bought, to Oreo witches hats decorated with icing and kisses. There are lots of ideas online, which can serve as inspiration just be prepared to get a little messy. 

Costumes can be created relatively easily also. If your grandkids have already decided on their 2018 Halloween costume you can still have fun dressing up at home in the run-up to or on the day. From firefighters and pirates to fairy wings and a white sheet ghost let their imagination do the work.

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