National Cybersecurity Awareness Month


National Cybersecurity Awareness Month occurs every October as a national campaign designed to increase the public's awareness of cybersecurity and cybercrime issues.

With the advantages of online banking and around-the-clock access, the majority of consumers do their banking online. Unfortunately, online money management can bring with it the risk of being exposed to hacking, malware, or fraud. Malware is designed to cause damage to your computer, server, or computer network.

However, there are simple security measures you can take to protect you and your account information to help ensure a safer online banking experience.

It might be obvious, but don’t use a public Wi-Fi network to access your bank account. While convenient, public Wi-Fi networks are often not encrypted. Wait until you are able to use your private network for financial transactions. Alternately, use the cellular data connection on your smartphone.

Make sure you are using 'https' encrypted sites. This means that data will be encrypted before being sent. An https encrypted website will begin with ‘https’ and have a padlock symbol in the web address bar.

Keep your computer antivirus software up-to-date. Antivirus software screens emails, browsers, and pop-up ads to block any viruses or malware. Those that want to access your data are constantly creating new virus strains. Updates to your computer operating system also prevent infection from most known malware.

Remember to monitor your account regularly, even if you receive alerts from your bank. You will receive an alert from your bank if fraudulent activity is suspected. Only you know if something is fraudulent or suspicious on your account. Check your statements regularly for any suspicious activity and notify us immediately if you see any unauthorized activity.

At Warren-Boynton State Bank our customers’ safety is paramount. Our knowledgeable and welcoming staff are available to assist you with any questions or concerns you have. Call or visit one of our branches in New Berlin, Springfield, Modesto or Palmyra.