How to save on your summer vacation


Are you dreaming of days on the beach and the sand between your toes? Or perhaps you’re looking forward to something a little more adventurous: camping, rock climbing, and whitewater rafting? Whatever your ideal summer vacation, it doesn’t have to break the bank (account) so to speak.

We’ve put together a few ways to save while you’re on vacation.

1. The key to saving on your summer vacation is to plan ahead. If you haven’t already done so lock in the lowest rates on flights, hotels, and rental cars. Travel websites are a great place to shop around for the best deals. Also, check major hotel sites to see if they have any offers.

2. Don’t forget to check out the savings offered through Secure Checking. Secure Checking account holders receive travel and leisure discount membership from thousands of local and national businesses, as well as, shopping rewards with access to exclusive offers and discounts at thousands of leading online retailers.

3. If you have one of our personal credit cards be sure to look into your travel benefits and cRewards.

4. Consider renting somewhere for a week or two or check out the local airbnbs. You’ll have just as much fun as you would staying in a hotel, but now you’ll also have the chance to purchase groceries from the local markets to take home and try.

5. Seek out free entertainment. Also, take advantage of member offers, for example, if you’re a member of a museum locally you may have free or discounted access to museums across the country.

6. Create an itinerary. If you are able to plan out your daily activities, you can budget before you leave for vacation. You’ll already know how much spending money you need while you’re there and can also have alternate plans and a contingency budget should you experience bad weather or cancellations get in your way.

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