Advantages of using a local bank for your business loan


One of the major advantages of using a local bank is customer service. Community banks, like Warren Boynton State Bank, are able to meet in person with customers and handle inquiries efficiently.

If you’re in the market for a personal or business loan, you’ll find your community bank is more flexible compared with its national counterparts. Loan decisions are often made faster. We also have a comprehensive understanding of our customers’ needs because many have been with us since birth.

We love working with small businesses. We pride ourselves on serving the local business community to the very best of our ability in New Berlin, Springfield, Palmyra, and Modesto. We care about our customers’ business needs. We want the communities in which we operate to thrive – and the surrounding communities for that matter. If the local economy is strong, our community is strong.

We love to invest in our local community from donating to the Simmons Cancer Institute to the Mini O’Beirne Crisis Nursery. We recognize that the businesses we serve also support our community.

We are a family-oriented bank. We want to support your entire family with its banking needs from setting up a savings account for your newborn, to providing you with your first mortgage, to supporting your business needs. We’re here to help. And that’s what local community banking is all about!

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