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Shop safely on Black Friday


If you’re planning on shopping this Black Friday here are a few safety tips from our team. 

If you’re heading out at night make sure you park near a light. Thieves are much less likely to target a car that’s ‘lit-up.’ We recommend a spot where you can see and be seen. 

Place your purchases in your trunk away from prying eyes. If people don’t see your bags, they’re less likely to see a reason to break in. 

Use the buddy system. Safety in numbers is key. If you plan to separate arrange a time and place to meet inside before walking to your vehicles in the dark.

Keep your purse where you can see it. Don’t make it easy for pick pocketers. If you take a break from shopping and have something to eat put your bags where you can see them. 

We recommend that you shop with one credit card so that if your wallet is stolen it contains just the one card, which you can report as soon as you realize your purse is missing. 

Avoid ATMs, but if you need to take cash out make sure you shield your PIN as you key it in. Don’t leave receipts behind that may contain personal information. 

Have your keys handy as you approach your vehicle. 

Make sure you take advantage of our Secure Checking Shopping Rewards*, which include:

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For more information visit: https://www.wbsb.net/Blog/Posts/48/Personal-Banking/2018/10/Secure-Checking/blog-post/