Credit Application

Credit Application

IMPORTANT APPLICANT INFORMATION: Federal law requires financial institutions to obtain sufficient information to verify your identity. You may be asked several questions and to provide one or more forms of identification to fulfill this requirement. In some instances we may use outside sources to confirm the information. The information you provide is protected by our privacy policy and federal law.


Individual Applicant Information


Other Income


Joint Application Or Other Party Information

Complete only if: for joint credit, for individual credit relying on income or assets from other sources, or applicant is married and resides in a community property state.



Marital Status

Complete only if: for joint or secured credit, or resides in a community property state or is relying on property located in such a state. (*Includes single, divorced and widowed)


Asset & Debt Information

If Section B has been completed, this Section should be completed giving information about both the Applicant and Joint Applicant or Other Person. Please mark Applicant-related information with an "A." If Section B was not completed, only give information about the Applicant in this Section.

Assets Owned

OUTSTANDING DEBTS (including charge accounts, installment contracts, credit cards, rent, mortgages and other obligations.)

Complete the following information about the Applicant and Joint Applicant or Other Person (if applicable):


Secured Credit

Complete only if credit is to be secured. Briefly describe the property to be given as security and indicate if others have an ownership interest.

SIGNATURES - I certify that everything I have stated int his application and on any attachments is correct. Lender may keep this application whether or not it is approved. By signing below I authorize Lender to check my credit and employment history and to answer questions others may ask Lender about my credit record with Lender. I understand that I must update credit information at Lender's request if my financial condition changes.


Joint Application Acknowledgment

APPLICATION FOR CREDIT AT WARREN-BOYNTON STATE BANK. We, the undersigned, intend to apply for joint credit.